ELA Department Recommended Reading Somerset Berkley
Welcome to SBRHS ELA Department's recommended summer reading list.  Every June, many students and their families ask the English teachers for good books to read over the summer.   So, we, the English teachers, decided to ask some of the toughest critics for book suggestions---high school students.    The titles that are listed and described on this website reflect the opinions of different types of readers: avid readers, reluctant readers and any reader in between.   Everyone will be able to find something enjoyable to read on this website.   
Suggestions for Choosing a Title:
  • Choose something that interests you.   You are the person reading it, so you should like it.
    If you chose something and you feel that the story does not hold your interest, it is perfectly ACCEPTABLE to stop reading and choose a different book.     The important thing is for you to READ.   
    Enjoy your ability to choose a book.   Many times in life, we are not able to choose what we read.   So when you can, make your choice count!
    Have fun and good luck!
    Jennifer M. Copeland, ELA Content Coordinator, Somerset Berkley Regional High School