ELA Department Recommended Reading Somerset Berkley

What makes a more effective reader?

1) Be aware of your interests, likes and dislikes.   You will be more likely to read something, if you are interested in the subject. 
2) Spend time previewing the book.    Read the back cover.  Does the blurb on the back cover catch your interest?  If yes, you may have a winner.   Open the book.   Read the first page or so.   Does it capture your attention?   Do you like the author's style of writing?  Does it capture your interest?  Do you want to read more?  If you answer yes to these questions, this is the book you want to choose.  If you aren't excited about the book on page 1, you probably won't be excited on page 121 (if you make it that far), so CHOOSE another one.   There are millions of books to read.  
3) When reading, use your FIVE SENSES in your imagination.   Can you see the characters in your head?   Do you hear their voices?  Do you feel the hot, cold, nervousness, fear?   Can you smell the food that characters eat?  Do you smell the fire of the burning forest?   Do you taste the sugary sweetness of the Turkish Delight?
4) Question what happens in the story as you read.   Why does a character behave badly?  What motivates a character to lie?  Why does the character only wear red clothing?  
5)  Answer your own questions.   Make predictions.   You may or may not be correct, but that is okay.   We aren't supposed to be right 100% of the time.    As you read more, question more and predict more, you will find that your predictions are becoming more accurate more of the time.
6) Talk about what you read with someone.   Blog online.   You'll find that talking about it will make you want to read more.